This juice out of your DrDetoxBox is rich with fibres, nutrients and iron and is low on calories. During the development of this recipe our nutrition experts took the time of intake into account. The intensity is mild and the impact is effective by use of the appropriate nutrients, which will take you through the first part of the morning without trouble. Lemon and ginger contain ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune system and ensures healthy teeth, bones, skin and blood vessels. It even stimulates a healthy digestion. Ingredients like cucumber, lemon and ginger, give the juice diuretic effects that serve as a natural remedy against bladder and kidney infection.

Energetic value (kcal)30 kcal
Energetic value (kJ)127 kJ
Total fat0,1 g
Saturated fat0,0 g
Carbohydrates6,6 g
Sugars6,3 g
Fibres0,2 g
Proteins0,5 g
Sodium3 mg
Salt7 mg
Apple juice41,40%
Spinach juice10,00%
Mango puree 5,00%
Lime juice1,00%
Ginger juice0,60%
- very popular vegetable
- low in fatty acid
- contains 11 vitamins
- contains 2 vegetal proteins
- contains 10 minerals
- very popular fruit
- low in fatty acid
- contains 12 vitamins
- contains 3 carbohydrates
- contains 9 minerals
- extremely low in fatty acid
- contains 11 vitamins
- contains 1 vegetal proteins
- contains 7 minerals