This essential red juice in the DrDetoxBox contains antioxidants that are vital to your immune system and that are capable of neutralizing all those free radicals that can cause illness in the long term. You will find a lot of minerals here like folic acid, manganese, potassium, iron and vitamin C. All of these are vital for a good health and cannot be missed during detox. The fibre that is known as pectin, and that is acquired from apple juice and beet juice, stimulates the cleansing of the liver and the removal of toxins. And as a perfect finale of your detox cleanse, we have added pear juice and lime juice to give your digestion an extra boost.

Energetic value (kcal)49 kcal
Energetic value (kJ)207 kJ
Total fat0,2 g
Saturated fat0,0 g
Carbohydrates10,4 g
Sugars9,2 g
Fibres1,1 g
Proteins0,7 g
Sodium14 mg
Salt34 mg
Carrot juice20,00%
Mango puree20,00%
Apple juice18,00%
Beet juice18,00%
Parsnip puree12,00%
Pear juice5,3%
Watermelon juice2,00%
Pomegranate juice2,00%
Lime juice2,00%
Spinach juice0,70%
- low in fatty acid
- contains 5 vitamins
- contains 2 vegetal proteins
- contains 8 minerals
- low in fatty acid
- contains 10 vitamins
- contains 1 vegetal protein
- contains 4 minerals