This green juice out of your DrDetoxBox is rich with amino acids and extremely rich with dietary fibres. These fibres are an important substance in creating a healthy digestion and are fermented and converted into energy by the large intestine, energy that you will need during detox. Amino acids advance the production of the ‘ happiness hormone’ serotonin and deliver the essential ingredients for a healthy skin, hair and nails. The combination of lemon and ginger juice delivers an extra cleanse. This immune system enhancing juice contains extra calories to curb a sense of hunger at this time of day.

Energetic value (kcal)41 kcal
Energetic value (kJ)172 kJ
Total fat0,1 g
Saturated fat0,0 g
Carbohydrates9,4 g
Sugars8,7 g
Fibres0,2 g
Proteins0,5 g
Sodium10 mg
Salt24 mg
Apple juice77,50%
Spinach juice10,00%
Sellery juice10,00%
Ginger juice1,50%
Lime juice1,00%
- very popular fruit
- low in fatty acid
- contains 12 vitamins
- contains 3 carbohydrates
- contains 9 minerals
- extremely low in fatty acid
- contains 11 vitamins
- contains 1 vegetal proteins
- contains 7 minerals
- low in fatty acid
- contains 7 vitamins
- contains 1 vegetal proteins
- contains 8 minerals